Saturday, August 8, 2009

Friday baseball post

One of the things I love in baseball is extra inning games, the longer the better. Tonight's fifteen inning tilt between the Red Sox and the Yankees...well, I'd rather it had ended the other way, but that's good stuff. I was just flipping around ESPN and they said that this was the first time the Red Sox and Yankees had ever made it through fourteen scoreless. They've played, ESPN said, over 2000 times.

Meanwhile, on Jon Miller night at China Basin (they gave out bobblehead dolls), it's worth nothing that this is, alas, the final season for Vin Scully. I hate the Dodgers -- really, hate, not dislike -- but Vin Scully was the best I ever heard. Fortunately, as a Giants fan, I get to listen to Jon Miller regularly, and AFAIK he's the best working today.

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