Friday, August 7, 2009

Really Good Policy Reporters

OK, now for the positive: who are the really good policy reporters out there? I'm looking for category-busters, people who you can read and feel that you have the subject covered.

The two I think of right away are TNR's Jonathan Cohn on health care, and Slate's Fred Kaplan on defense and national security policy and policy-making. Maybe Elizabeth Kolbert on the environment? I don't know enough to know. Both Cohn and Kaplan are excellent at reporting on both the substance of the issue and the politics of policy formation, especially within the executive branch. A Kaplan strength: he's very good at understanding and explaining interagency (or interservice) conflict. A Cohn strength: I've noticed he's quick to recognize the limits of his expertise, and he'll identify comments beyond those limits as speculative.

Who else is real good? What are their strengths?

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