Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Monday Movies Post

I almost forgot to do one of these today...I'll just put in a short plug for a movie I like, although to tell the truth I haven't seen it again since it was new, so I can't tell you much.

The movie? A Watergate classic -- Dick, from 1999. Now, if you haven't seen it, you may be thinking: jeez, Dave Foley as Haldeman? Is there anyone less Haldeman like than Dave Foley? And, no, there's really no defense against that. Moreover, you may be thinking that you really don't need to see Will Farrell (as Bob Woodward) in anything else, and I won't argue that one either.

But beyond those two things, it's really good fun. Dan Hedaya is a great Nixon, which should be no surprise, and any chance to see the great Teri Garr is well worth taking...really, it's a fine cast, led by Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams before they went on to bigger and better things (hey - I didn't know Dunst was in that awful TNG episode). It's moderately funny, and oddly enough for a very light comedy, it doesn't totally butcher the Watergate story. Beyond, of course, what's needed for the movie.

I don't have much more to say about it -- it's not the kind of movie that supports saying too much -- so I'll just have some fun with cast trivia. I mentioned Dunst as a TNG vet, and of course Teri Garr was on Star Trek...and Saul Rubinek, Kissinger here, was the guy who treated Mr. Data as a collectible. Rubinek also played Herb Klein in Oliver Stone's Nixon, which I have not seen, so he's a Watergate movie twofer. And, finally, if you recall last week I talked about Johnny Ola; this week's movie has Senator Pat Geary in it. I guess that means that next week I'll have to find something political that has Bruno Kirby.

OK, solid recommend. In fact, I'm putting it on my list to see again.

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