Sunday, December 6, 2009

Andrew Bait

From the San Antonio Express-News story by Gary Scharrer (actually, the end of the story) on Palin's Fort Hood visit on Saturday:
She rushed her book into print — with some errors. For example, she mistakenly attributed to UCLA basketball coaching legend John Wooden a quote about the strong bond people have with land: “We remember our grandfathers paid for it — with their lives.”

The quote actually came from American Indian activist John Wooden Legs.

But don't tell that to Palin's supporters.

“She doesn't make mistakes. She doesn't do wrong,” Rebecca Dalberg said.

Gotta enjoy that.

While I'm on the subject....

I think Sullivan is wrong, really wrong, to keep on the Trig trail. What I've never understood is exactly what he thinks is at stake over this one. All the questions he raises seem to be connected only with her private life. No matter which of his speculations (spoken or hinted) were to turn out to be true, I can't see that it would matter at all to anyone who was considering voting for Palin for any office. At best, it's another example (if she lied here) that she has a strange relationship with the truth, but if one cannot prove it without stuff from her private life, then I don't think there's any reason to care about it. I understand that Sullivan is a journalist and he goes where he thinks the story is, regardless of whether it helps or hurts his cause (and I agree with this that he's helping Palin)...but even so, it seems to me that the story must be important on its own merits. I've read a lot of explanations by him about why he's unsatisfied with the story as it sits now, but not one good argument for why anyone should care about Palin's last child. About Palin, yes; about Palin's ability to tell the truth, yes; but about Trig, no, he hasn't made that case.

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