Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ezra's 7 (7/7): No One Is Reading This?

Intro to this series here; Ezra Klein's post is here.

Ezra says:
7) What you emphasize is a lot more important than what you report. People don't read you closely.
Twenty years ago, I know what my wiseass comment here would have been: Read? Huh?

So, video didn't conquer all, at least for now. But beyond that, I have not much to say about that one; it's true, and probably good advice to journalists, but other than confirming that people don't read thoroughly I have little to add.

So, since I've reached the last of the series, I'll ask readers for their suggestions. Are there other stories out there that Politico should fear? Things that academics know that, if reporters accepted them, would make lots of Very Important Stories turn out to be ephemera and trivia (not that there's anything wrong with that...) Put your ideas in comments or email me, and if I get a few I'll put a post together.

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