Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday Fun from Hotline

Political junkies will want to head straight to Hotline On Call for the findings of their poll of Congressional and political "insiders" about such critical topics as: "Which voice in your party would you most like to mute?"

Most interesting, as opposed to most fun, items...

Dems can't come up with anyone more recent than Bill Clinton as "most creative thinker" in their party, showing an alarming lack of new blood. Republicans select Newt Gingrich for their most creative thinker, showing a far more alarming inability to recognize a total fraud when they see one (and support for Karl Rove as "best political strategist" isn't much better); based on these answers, it's sort of surprising that Republicans didn't ship half the national treasury to the Nigerian spam scam people.

Go read the whole list -- it's good fun.

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