Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dogs, Not Barking

Occasional feature in which I take note of some items that have not been in the news, which is itself newsworthy.

1.  Presidential news conferences.  Obama stopped having them; no one seems to care.  Is the full dress, prime time presidential news conference (along with its modest cousin, the daytime version) dead?  Too bad if that's the case.  For all its imperfections, it was a fun ritual, and was on balance good for democracy.

2.  The Van Jones effect.  Liberals screamed when Obama let Van Jones go, arguing that the White House needed to show toughness in the face of attacks, and that capitulation in that case would only encourage the Rush/Beck types, leading to more retreats.  Didn't happen -- in fact, there wasn't much turnover in the first year.

3.  I thought some baseball players might come forward and confess to steroids in the wake of the McGwire statement; didn't happen.

4.  As always, a FD Update.  This time, Obama craftily lays aside draft of SOTU focusing mainly on Fairness Doctrine repeal, chooses to pursue it by stealth (and inaction) for another year.  Alas, the DailyKos poll about loony right wing beliefs didn't ask about the Fairness Doctrine.

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