Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blintzes, a Link, and a bit of Housekeeping

Yup, it's poor neglected Shavuot, the holiday that comes too late in the year to learn about it in Hebrew School.  Ah well; any holiday that gives me an excuse to eat blintzes is a holiday that I'm going to celebrate.  Gut yontif to all those observing.  And not only do I get to eat something good, but blintzes were also featured in a worthwhile profile in the Sunday NYT; if you missed it, you may or may not want to read through, but you definitely want to click over to see what a future Chair of the Fed looks like at college in 1975 (it takes a bit of work, but it's worth it, and the pre-college shots are good, too...or go find the Sunday Business section in your recycling pile if it's still there).  No wonder Ron Paul is freaked!

Meanwhile, I want to thank everyone for the terrific comments to Plain Blog recently.  I continue to be impressed and, actually, flattered, at the quality, especially since I've had some experience lately getting comments elsewhere.  Keep 'em coming!  I'm afraid I don't have time to respond to all, but I do read everything (and that applies to emails, too).  Also, thanks to all for the Twitter follows.  Although I'm still behind Masket, but then again he has a exceptionally good picture and the by-far best Twitter name ever, and I, uh, don't.  But, thanks!

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