Saturday, May 8, 2010

Friday Baseball Post

Wow.  I was going to write about Ernie Harwell...I never really listened to him, but of course he was much beloved in Detroit...I was going to write about Vin Scully, and Jon Miller, and Hank Greenwald, and Don Drysdale, and Lon Simmons, and Bill King, and how great they all are or were, and how much I've enjoyed listening to them (Drysdale obviously as a broadcaster, not as a player; as a player, I hate him).

But I just checked tonight's scoreboard (we were out to dinner and then watched a movie, so I missed most of the baseball tonight, except for alas the bottom of the 9th in New York (Giants lose))...anyway, I just looked, and I saw that Jamie Moyer, the last player remaining who is older than me, threw a two-hit shutout tonight.  As I said, Wow.

For all of us of a certain age, this is very good news indeed.  We are, it seems, still young enough.  Thanks, Jamie Moyer, and please: keep up the great work for a few more years, if at all possible.

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  1. Enberg and Drysdale (may he be resting in peace). Yep, they made for some great radio baseball during the 1970's. Oh, sure, every four days they got to announce the Ryan game in his prime, and yeah for as long as Tanana lasted, before he blew out his arm showboating for the TV camera. But still, day after day, slogging along announcing for a team that was 20 games out by the All-Star break, making lemonade out of a team managed by Bobby Winkles and featured Morris Nettles and Mickey Rivers in the starting lineup. You've got to give them credit. There was the year that, out of the 64 games the Angels won that year, Ryan won 21 of those. Painful years. You've got to give old Dick and Don credit.

    Just look at this line-up, and weep.

    1974 California Angels Batting, Pitching, & Fielding Statistics -


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