Monday, August 2, 2010

Activists for Meaningless Symbolic Fights!

Postscript on that White House briefing room know what's even worse than reporters spending too much time staring at the mirror?  Advocacy groups who invent phony controversies in order to drum up support!  And so I was dismayed to see that, according to the NYT's Jane Lorber, had "launched an online campaign" to pressure the White House Correspondents Association to reward liberals and punish conservatives in their new seat assignments.

Uh huh.  Unemployment, war in Afghanistan, war in Iraq, civil liberties, climate change, Senate reform, Supreme Court nominations, and who sits in which seat in the White House briefing room.  Yeah, I can see that choice.

(To be fair, I looked over at MoveOn's home page, and there's nothing there any more about their White House briefing room action.  On the other hand, of four current campaigns that they're highlighting, one is just Breitbart-bashing, and another is the critical issue of where the 2011 All Star Game will be played.  So, yes, meaningless symbolic issues do seem to loom large for them, although it's hard to think of something more meaningless than who sits where in the White House briefing room.)

Hey, liberals!  Yes, you, getting all smug about how conservatives seem to spend most of their time inventing phony controversies and selling them to dupes and patsies.  Well, guess what?  There are apparently liberal dupes and patsies too, and MoveOn is at the ready to exploit them. 


  1. John Cole came out last week with a similar post. I don't know why MoveOn got its panties in a bunch over this, unless it's using "FOX News" as a liberal dog whistle. I certainly could care less.

    Last week's New York Times magazine had a great piece by Walter Kirn on what he called "procedural voyeurism," our national obsession with everything occurring behind the scenes at the expense of the important stuff happening front and center. I did a post on it; Kirn postulates this gives us an "illusion of control over realities that we secretly fear we have no power over." So maybe we can't control that our national news media sucks and FOX News lies and is basically the propaganda arm of the Republican Party, but we can at least sign a petition voicing our preference over who gets the front row in the White House briefing room.

    I dunno, just a guess...

  2. It's a complete embarrassment. I got this absurd e-mail saying "we did it!" Yep, we got Fox moved to the front row, but all-importantly not in Hellen's old seat. That's showin' 'em!

    My God it's not like there are any real problems to work on.


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