Friday, November 12, 2010

Catch of the Day

Jonathan Chait.  His item on conservative hacks fighting about who is tightest with Marco Rubio would have been a merely great blog post, but the picture of Fred Barnes takes it to another level: we're talking HOF-quality blogging, folks.


  1. Why is the catch of the day always someone on the left? I know the right is in an anti-intellectual mood right now, but surely every once in a while someone on the right would nail a catch of the day anyway.

  2. Fair call! I've looked, but haven't (IIRC, there might have been one) come across anything that I thought fit. Anyone who does see something that would work should email me, & I'll use it.

  3. Is there a conservative pundit as sarcastic as Chait who Bernstein could stand to read?

  4. Kylopod, is there a conservative pundit as sarcastic as Chait that /you/ could stand to read?

    I ask as someone who greatly dislikes Chait, but can understand why people such as our host like him. Yes, Chait may be puerile sometimes. He may have a tendency towards defensiveness. He may be a bastion of "serious-person"-warmed-over-Inside-the-Beltway-cocktail-party-received-wisdom. But he is sort of an interesting cross breed of Washington Insider, Political Scientist, Center-left Partisan and Policy Wonk which I would obviously attract Benstein's attention. Is there a sarcastic conservative that could similarly pique Bernstein's interest?

  5. I love Chait. I've loved him since "The Case for Bush Hatred," and my love deepened with his book The Big Con. Not the Barnes-Rubio kind of love, mind you, just the political nerd kind. He is in no way your standard cocktail inside-the-beltway pundit. He's not even a typical TNR type.

    I have to say, though, that he is sarcastic, and I can't think of any similarly sarcastic conservative who any self-respecting liberal would be able to stand reading. I associate conservative sarcasm with being totally off the mark (as in, "You actually think government can improve health care?"), whereas Chait is usually very on-target.


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