Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stapling machine, Mr Clarke

John McCain is an embarrassment:
We send these young people into combat, we think they’re mature enough to fight and die. I think they’re mature enough to make a judgment on who they want to serve with and the impact on their battle effectiveness.
Does he really believe that?   Does he really believe that troops should get to choose who they want to serve with? 

Forget about civilian control of the military, and forget about the specific issue of DADT: does John McCain believe in in any notion of basic command structure?

The guy is lucky he didn't get hooted out of public life after his raw bigotry in the 2008 town hall debate.  He's a disgrace.


  1. He's also rankly contemptuous of a civilian-led military, given his derisive remarks about the POTUS as CinC, and Secretary of Defense.

    Or, more succinctly, a disgrace.

  2. Are you beginning to realize why so many (admittedly left-leaning) bloggers find it preposterous that he's invited on Sunday talk shows week after week after week?

  3. Andrew,

    I've been writing items like this one about McCain since I started blogging -- and I'm the one (I guess one of the ones) who tipped my brother off to McCain's moment of bigotry in the debate. I haven't changed my mind on John McCain. I just think it's up to the Republican Party, not liberals, who gets to represent the Republicans on TV. They nominated him for President of the United States in 2008; they seem perfectly happy to have him as one of their most visible representatives on TV. Whatever that says about them, I don't think it's any business of liberals to choose which Republicans speak for Republicans.

  4. Mr. Bernstein:

    It may be a low blow, and I don't care whether it is because it's true, but McCain's been scum for a long time. See the Keating 5. Check out the circumstances around him leaving his first wife. It says a lot about our media, none of it good, that they have this clown on all the time.

  5. Colbert really hammered this one home.


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