Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dogs, Not Barking

1. OK, so we've now had an ACA repeal vote in the House. But it's worth noting that as far as I'm aware, John Boehner has not yet scheduled a vote on repealing the Lilly Ledbetter law. Or DADT repeal, Tim Pawlenty notwithstanding. Or Dodd-Frank. Or food safety. Or the child nutrition law. Most of what the 111th Congress did is going to be in place (with or without modifications) for a long time.

2. No party switchers in Congress after the November landslide.

3. Joe the Plumber.

4. Big news on the Fairness Doctrine front! Thanks to a comment by Jim Clyburn, we can now be absolutely sure the the FD is going to be re-imposed any day now, thus forcing me to retire it from this continuing item. Ed Kilgore has more.

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