Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Read Stuff, You Should

I haven't been keeping up with writing links posts, so I have lots of them saved up. Some are a bit old, but still worth reading. Here they are:

1. Yes, the historic 111th Congress was among other things historic for its level of partisan polarization.

2. Stan Collender argues that the president has the advantage in budget showdowns. He also has a useful primer on the debt ceiling. Speaking of budgets, Larry Bartels has public opinion data on spending cuts and budget balancing.

3. Adam Serwer reads Eric Erickson and David S. Bernstein reads Andrew McCarthy so you don't have to, while Conor Friedersdorf tells everyone to turn off the cable nets and start reading blogs by political scientists. Well, he sort of does. Thanks, Conor! Actually, I highly recommend reading everything Friedersdorf writes, but I sure hope Andrew Sullivan is back soon.

4. Speaking of people who I recommend reading every word: the great Ta-Nehisi Coates.

5. Alex Massie on Reagan worship.

6. I think it's still worth going back to Andrew Sprung on Obama in Tucson -- no one hears Obama better than Sprung.

7. Seeing Nixon everywhere? Seth Masket is.

8. And a just brilliant celebration of Black History month. I promise you don't want to miss those first two, at least.

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