Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Read Stuff, You Should

What should I start with today? How about, if you don't mind too much, a little bit of self-promotion. My latest TNR column, on Libya and the rally effect, is here; my latest Plum Line post -- more Bachmann -- is here. And I'll be contributing to Greg Sargent's Plum Line more regularly now, so regular readers can look for me over there, along with Greg and Adam Serwer. Please stop by!

And on to the good stuff:

1. I didn't do an ACA anniversary post, but others did. On health care, I highly recomment Ezra Klein's primer on just what ACA does. Also: advice for Democratic pols about the mandate from Paul Waldman.; Aaron Carroll fisks Senator Ron Johnson; and the polling from Peter Ubel, Aaron Kay, and Gavan Fitzsimons.

2. The budget? Start with Stan Collender's encounter with Tea Partiers, and then add Ezra Klein's interview with Christina Romer. Susy Khimm looks at the consequences of one spending cut. And why household budgets are different than the federal budget, from Matt Yglesias. Excellent.

3. Seth Masket knows more about parties in California than anyone. And Alex Massie, on partisan polarization, Dickens, and America.

4. Kevin Drum on education.

5. Very good post on presidents and "Going Public" from Matthew Dickinson. And, as usual, I think Andrew Sprung reads Barack Obama well -- this time on Libya.

6. Andrew Sullivan. Torture.

7. Nate Silver on statistical models.

8. Dave Weigel reports on liberal attacks on GOP-aligned media; Annie Lowry and Angela Tchou visit content farms; and if you missed Ann Friedman's rebuttal to the NYT Style Section, it's a must-read.

9. Very nice: Glen Johnson's ode to local politics.

10. A good Jennifer Steinhauer profile of a new House Member.

11. And apparently almost no one finds it as funny as I do, but I'm still pushing the Trump/gardening/PCP thing, and I'm glad that at least my brother is playing along.

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