Thursday, March 24, 2011

You Didn't Read It Here

I'd just like to be on the record saying that I don't believe that Donald Trump is really addicted to PCP, or gardening, or that he's been convicted of driving with an expired licence, even though it is true that Trump easily could have cleared up those rumors by just releasing a clean drug test and answering a few questions that he's ducked so far.

Again, I absolutely believe that none of it is true. But you do have to wonder about why he would allow these rumors to just float out there and keep morphing like this.

Also, I do think that it's only sensible to test all presidential candidates for PCP. And to check under their nails for suspicious dirt.


  1. Well that just makes you an adherent of Reform Trumperism (with perhaps a dash of Reconstructionist).

  2. We certainly don't want a gardener in the White House.

    What kind of message would that send to our allies, and more importantly to the evil-doers who be our emenies?


  3. The President is hiding something. What, I don't know. But something is being hid.

    What grades did he get in any of his college classes? We don't know that either. Bush's, Gore's and Kerry's college grades were found out--just googling 'Bush's grades' gets a zillion hits including this:

    But you can't find anything about Obama's grades.

    What is he hiding?

  4. With Trump, I have to wonder why he thinks bragging that he cheated a foreign leader, brutal dictator though that man is, will make him a winning choice for president. Is someone like that who he thinks we want as our leader? Seems to me that it just means he'd cheat whoever he saw on the other side of him or a bad person...

  5. "What is he hiding?"
    A series of letters ranging from A to F representing his academic achievement over a set period of time. That was easy.

  6. Why won't Trump come forward with the evidence that he didn't rape and kill a young woman in 1990?

  7. Excellent post- let's make sure that Trump provides more evidence to refute random charges, but whatever you do, never even hint about asking for evidence that the President of the United States meets the Constitutional obligations.

  8. You kinda missed the point there, Teach. But fine, ask for evidence. Good news! It's been provided in one of those cases...


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