Monday, April 4, 2011

Crowdsourcing Comparative Democracy

Is Papua New Guinea more democratic than Romania?

Via the Monkey Cage I wound up at political scientist Xavier Marquez's Abandoned Footnotes, and learned of a fun and fascinating project Marquez has initiated about world democracies:
Basically, this is a webpage where you are presented with a comparison between two countries, and asked which one is more democratic (you can answer “I don’t know,” and give a reason). The results of the pairwise comparisons can be used to generate a ranking, which represents something like the probability that a given country would be more democratic than a randomly selected country.
The first one I got was Papua New Guinea vs. Romania, but go there yourself and see what you get. The fourth one I got was pretty interesting: Tunisia vs. Algeria. Oh, did I mention it specifies that we're talking 2010?

Since I recently linked to not only baseball-reference's Elo "who's better" page but also b-r's AQ page (note: not really sure whether that one is functional or not), I did feel obliged to ask you to try this one. Enjoy.

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