Saturday, September 24, 2011

Friday Baseball Post

Well, that wasn't very fun.

The Giants, I mean, for those of you who are new around here. Hey, basically it comes down to two things: Sabean was going to ride with the guys who won it for him, and the injuries really were brutal. And while some of the injuries were the natural result of having so many old guys around, some of it was probably just bad luck. I have other complaints about Sabean -- primarily going through the entire season without a plausible major league SS, and then settling with whatever was around at C after the biggest of the injuries. But it's also only fair to point out that the minor league system continues to be productive, and that's very much to his credit.

At least, that's the one-paragraph recap. I suspect I'll revisit all of this obsessively for the next few months...

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  1. Mr. Bernstein, not sure there was ever enough run scoring and power on that club. They remind me as much of my Tigers this season as anything. It all had to hit for them to prosper. Not enough depth in the field to survive any stress.

    And Huff coming through for SF last season, after showing up here overweight and of odoriferous performance previously, when even one hit would have kept the Tigers out of that Playoff game loss to the Twins... well... brother Aubrey's karma caught up with him and you this season, I suspect. ;-)

    Long as you're at 85 wins or so, things improve rapidly, I'd say, even next season.


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