Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Catch of the Day

Over at Think Progress, Ben Armbruster catches Newt Gingrich coming out for the withdrawal from Iraq on Friday...but by the end of the weekend, Newt had also taken the opposite position. Okay, it's slightly more subtle than that; click through and read it. Armbruster reviews the Libya flip-flop that got Newt in trouble a few months ago, too. Nice catch!

Want more Newt-bashing? I have a new piece over at Salon saying that if Newt didn't exist, Republicans would want to invent him. Yes, if you're wondering, I did use the words "fraud" and "snake-oil." What did you expect?


  1. Gee, where do I recognize that phrasing "if __ didn't exist, ___ would want to invent it?"

    (This may be a Polsby's 4th law problem. I recognize it as one of Wolfinger's favorite types of questions to ask on comps)

  2. For a business plan candidate, there are no flip-flops, only plot twists.

  3. Alt-COTD: Politico finds Jennifer Rubin, a fairly stalwart conservative Republican by anyone's definition, taking hammer and tongs to the Perry candidacy.

  4. I didn't notice a link to Rubin's blog in that Politico article. Bad boys.


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