Friday, October 21, 2011

Dogs, Not Barking

Haven't done one of these in a while: events that are not in the news, which is itself newsworthy.

1. House retirements. Only six so far. There are two reasons to expect plenty this year: redistricting, and the shift of control (with Democrats newly in the minority walking away). So far, hasn't happened, although do note that all six are Democrats.

2. My sense is that after a whole lot of Democratic anger with Obama during the summer that we're hearing a lot less now. Perhaps people are happy that he's pushing the jobs bill; perhaps the Occupy groups are distracting everyone; perhaps the GOP debates are starting to push Democrats into general campaign mode a little early. Perhaps liberal elites who noisily rebelled over the summer are still just as upset, but have already said their piece. And granted, it's my subjective sense of it, so I could easily be off -- but that's what I'm picking up.

3. No surprise given the small amount of foreign policy or national security ground covered to date, but for whatever it's worth there's been very little if any mention of, and support for, torture during the GOP debates.

4. As always, your choice of Fairness Doctrine or the major new gun control initiative coming from the White House.


  1. Did you read Cardoza's speech?

    Or the article on Virgina democrats asking Obama NOT to show up on the bus tour?

    I'd say "liberal elites" which should be "party actors" are still pissed at Obama and his weak sauce. I'd also agree there isn't much you can do about it.

    Which is why OWS is so dangerous. You can take the spark out very quickly and focus on something else. Who knew in 1965 that 3 years later you'd be storming the DNC?

  2. Maybe I'm naive, but I really don't see the GOP campaigning on torture next year. It's not exactly a positive thing to run on. Will they double Guantanamo? Increase military tribunals? Sure. But I still don't think they'll say they want to bring back torture. They have enough beefs with Obama's foreign policy; they shouldn't go there if they don't have to.

    And to be honest, I don't think most Republicans even support it anymore.


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