Saturday, January 28, 2012

Friday Baseball Post

Grumble grumble Sabean grumble grumble.

There's no shortstop. There's really no LF. I've been reading all winter about how Aubrey Huff is in terrific shape and all, but we all know that guys who are 35 and coming off a terrible year and have only been good two of the last five years aren't going to return to peak, and are probably going to be awful, no matter what they say in January.

Sabean has some real strengths as a GM, but there's really no reason for this team to not be gearing up for a serious pennant run this year, and as of now he's just not doing it. You just don't want to waste peak years of major stars because you leave massive holes in your lineup.

One of the things that Sabean has always been terrible at is figuring out when there are windows of opportunity and acting on them (or, on the other hand, realizing that it's not the right year and using the time to improve for the future. I hate to just complain about the guy -- again, he has some serious strengths. But it sure is frustrating rooting for his teams.


  1. Giants just signed Ryan Theriot. Pretty big grab for the infield.

    Outfield, not so much. It'll be a frustrating year if they keep this lineup. Presuming the pitching stays fantastic, they'll compete. But I fear they're just working toward another disappointment if the bats aren't there.

    1. R...i...g...h...t. A guy with a career OPS+ of 83; doesn't walk, has little power. Decent career SB/CS numbers, but only 4 out of 10 last year. Who rates as--at best--an average defensive infielder. Who just turned 32. I hope they aren't paying him much.

    2. Theriot? The TOOTBLAN??

      What, Sabean lost the bidding war for Omar Vizquel? Did Julio Franco not return Brian's calls?

  2. Be glad you're not a Dodger fan right now...I'm not sure that the management in LA has *any* strengths.

  3. On the other hand, we here in the DC area get to enjoy watching Mike Rizzo in action -- and he's been doing some really interesting & (hopefully) productive things for the Nats.


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