Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Baseball Post

So apparently the Giants are in fact thinking of Angel Pagan (30 year old season, 331 lifetime OBP, 322 last year OBP) as the everyday leadoff hitter, and Melky Cabrerra (also 331 lifetime OBP, although at least he'll be 27 this year) as the everyday left fielder and, perhaps, the guy who will bat second.

This is an excellent plan to keep Pablo Sandoval and Buster Posey's RBIs really low, so as to keep them more affordable in the future.

Woo Sabean!


  1. Could be worse. Could have been Raul Ibanez, although they wouldn't have had him hit leadoff...probably...And the Cubs got David DeJesus before the Giants could act...Or, if they'd tried hard, they might, just might have been able to snag Franklin Gutierrez from the Mariners...

    1. The Mariners are planning to have Chone Figgins leadoff. .188/.241/.243 last year. 313 plate appearances.

      Franklin Gutierrez was fine before he got IBS and is healthy again and will be fine. Don't diss on Death to Flying Things!

    2. That would be the same Franklin Guiterez who currently has a career .308 OBA and 690 OPS? Granting his defense and granting his home stadium is what it is, he still has a career OPS+ (which is a park-adjusted number) of, ah, 87...

    3. Yes, same Guti. He had some mysterious stomach ailment that started in summer of 2010. Look up his stats in Seattle before July 2010, and then after. That's when his IBS developed. His weight dropped to 180 and it's back up to 200.

      I'll bet ya $10,000 that he's above average this year. Come on, 10,000 dollar bet? :)

  2. There really aren't many quality lead off hitter to go around these days, so it ain't easy.

  3. And I did forget to note that Sabean already got Ryan Theriot, so at least he's being consistent...


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