Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Jeff Kent, 44. I guess I'm duty-bound to root for him for the HOF. Okay.

The good stuff:

1. David S. Bernstein has been pushing a theory about Mitt Romney, the truth, and the business world. It's plausible! I've always said that the most dishonest candidate I remember was Ross Perot, so that fits, sort of.

2. Will Romney wind up getting a reputation with the press as a liar? Paul Waldman thinks about the consequences. My guess: he'll get out-of-touch rich guy, not liar.

3. Irin Carmon on pro-choice mobilization. I'd like to see more evidence, but it is interesting.

4. Greg Sargent has been all over the Limbaugh/birth control story, including a takedown of Rush's conspiracy theory of how Obama tricked him. Must have been the teleprompter!

5. And I like Robert Farley's analysis of the Holder position on US killings of US citizens quite a bit.


  1. Should we all wash a truck in Kent's honor today?

  2. Re: #2:
    Mainstream press outlets won't do it willingly, in the spirit of objective judgment. High-profile Democratic politicians and associated commentators would have to launch a concerted push, with glaringly simply evidence, that he frequently lies. Then, perhaps, some reporters might be willing to use less frank descriptions such as Romney states many "falsehoods," or some variant. The reporters will think they are being adult and scrupulously neutral; they will be enabling a misleading campaign.


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