Friday, March 23, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Damon Albarn, 44.

1. Josh Putnam and John Sides on the actual effects of the rules on this cycle's Republican nomination process.

2. Good Jamelle Bouie post on independents (although I haven't read the Third Way piece he's responding to, but sounds right to me).

3. Bryce Covert on the "Clarence Thomas problem." No, that's not a technical term, nor is it one she uses, but it'll do. It's a representation issue.

4. Ed Kilgore: how should we (that is, those of us who write about this stuff) treat primaries and caucuses when everyone knows it's over but it's not technically over and the losing candidates are pretending it's not over? It's a good question, and one I've bee working on since Florida (well, really, South Carolina, but regular readers know that story). Hey, I'd just be happy if we could adequately name this phase of things.

5. And politics everywhere -- most certainly including biblical translation. Fred Clark explains.*

*I think that last one was via a Jamelle Bouie tweet, but I'm not sure. General comment: I collect these things, and then lose track of how I got them...I hope I'm not violating proper etiquette by omitting numerous hat tips.


  1. Damon Albarn is 44?

    Wow, I'm old.

    1. Not really. You at least knew who he was. "Old" is when the name means nothing whatsoever to me -- uh, I mean to you.

  2. oh! Happy Birthday Mr. Albarn! :)

    I'm just shy of being young enough to reasonably be his son, so he's always been old to me, lol But he's still busy making good music which is something very few musicians do at that age. He's one of my favorite people. :)

  3. Related question to the Jamelle Bouie link: So we know that party identification strongly dictates vote choice, but what does the political science consensus (insofar as there is one) say about what dictates party identifications?


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