Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Gina Torres, 43.

And straight to the good stuff:

1. The Ezra Klein general election prediction model, made for him (and us) by Seth Hill, John Sides, and Lynn Vavreck. Cool.

2. Garry Wills on the nuns vs. the bishops.
3. More on that "odd" NYT article about Barack Obama and executive power, from Deborah Pearlstein.

4. Daniel Larison knocks down my claim that Tim Pawlenty (and Rick Perry) were the real runners-up in GOP WH 2012. OK -- but if not them, then who? Newt? Santorum? Herman Cain? Basically, I can see the case for Santorum, but as of what I know now I believe Pawlenty and Perry came closer to the nomination than he did -- and a lot closer than the rest of the gang.

5. And Brad DeLong is most excellent.

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  1. You're makin' me wanna watch Firefly again! Too soon! Too soon! I'm going to burn myself out! What is this strange obsession? And why do so many political junkies have it?


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