Thursday, July 19, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to George McGovern, 90.

The good stuff:

1. An Ezra Klein reader teaches how to be a political pundit, in four easy phrases. Huh. I don't believe I've used any of those, at least not non-sarcastically. This may explain why I'm not on TV.

2. I think Kevin Drum's analysis of the tax returns question is the right way to go: it's not that swing voters are listening now, but that they might be later. Or: whether or not swing voters will actually pay any attention to it and potentially switch their vote based on it, as long as everyone in the political system believes that swing voters might do that, then Democrats and the "objective" press (which loves this kind of goo goo thing) will keep the pressure on, and Republican elites too will continue to push Romney to resolve it.

3. Good Mark Blumenthal look at likely voter screens and related polling issues.

4. Mann and Ornstein's latest, via Suzy Khimm: Norm says that what's needed to change things would be CEOs and other business leaders stepping up. Well, I agree that would help. Specifically, if they decided that GOP brinkmanship and general poor behavior was a real threat to the economy and either successfully pressured Republicans to cut it out, or if they gave up on the GOP in large enough numbers to have a real effect.

5. And goyim are playing gaga? Really? That's new to me. Karen Alexander reports.


  1. The business community cannot be too confrontational with Congressional Republicans because they rely on them to protect themselves from onerous tax increases and regulations detrimental to their bottom lines. In no OECD country does the business community line up consistently against the largest center-right political party.

  2. My children's public elementary school has had a GaGa pit for at least the four years that my older son has attended. He loves it. I would say that it is probably the most popular area of the school yard.


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