Friday, September 28, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Janeane Garofalo, 48...but mainly because she was Dave's girlfriend back home that he had so much trouble breaking up with, much to Lisa's frustration. OK, she was on Larry Sanders, too.

Getting to the good stuff:

1. Yes, early voting is a thing worth paying attention to -- but Paul Gronke throws a little perspective at us.

2. Excellent piece by Ezra Klein on budget caps vs. actual budget numbers

3. Drew Linzer has polling house effects...warning: they're not all that large. In fact, the average distance between PPP and Rassmussen is all of 1.6%.

4. And Mike Shannon and Will Feltus bring us beer partisanship. Great stuff (via Tucker), and an excellent excuse to link to my old paper (with Becky Bromley and Krystle Meyer) "Republicans and Golf, Democrats and Outkast: Or, Party Political Culture from the Top Down" (gated; used to be available with free registration, but I'm not sure whether it is now or not).


  1. Speaking of party culture, here's an oddity that struck me today, and I'm wondering if anyone else had noticed it:

    First, whatever its other merits, let's postulate that the CEO of an entity like Bain Capital doesn't actually do much. The myriad of worries facing a "normal" CEO, all of which involve the development of the business, would not be a concern to the Bain Capital CEO, who is mostly interested in destroying the business. On the reasonable assumption that Bain Capital had a pretty robust database identifying lucrative target companies, the CEO of said firm is, in all likelihood, an extremely lucrative sinecure.

    Beyond that, Romney's resume includes a token period as the governor of a state having a "weak governorship" system, and also prominent involvement with a highly visible entity on the American sports landscape.

    Wait a second...have we heard this story before?

  2. That beer graph is useless without PBR. Or maybe it was just way, way off to the left.

  3. Jonathan, here's an editorial from the Bangor Daily News on early voting (by absentee ballot) in Maine.

    It brings up the issue of the LePage/Cuttler/Mitchell race. (LePage won by a about 7,000 votes.) There's a lot of folk who feel their early votes for Mitchell gave the election to LePage.


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