Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 12, 1972

With the indictments on their way very soon now, talk turns to how to spin it, and there's a short-lived goofy idea that they should appoint a new Warren Commission to say that the Justice Department did it's job thoroughly. In addition to retired Chief Justice Earl Warren, they think of perhaps naming Abe Fortas to it:


President Nixon: Fortas is a Johnson man.

Colson: Oh hell, Fortas is --

President Nixon: (unintelligible) I don't think Fortas is on --

Colson: McGovern's side?

President Nixon: No. No. He is very much on our side.

Colson: He was the biggest supporter, advisor, Lyndon Johnson had.

Haldeman: He was deeply grateful (unintelligible). We got a couple of other things. I said -- did he say anything about the government by any chance?....I don't know if Fortas is good. Fortas is true. You got a crooked judge.

President Nixon: I'll tell you why he would be good. He is a Jew (unintelligible) and he's got business to do with the government.


The idea dies out quickly, which is no surprise. But it's always good to see what the president is thinking.

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