Monday, October 8, 2012


Sorry for the slow blogging here today, but I will wish everyone celebrating a very happy Simchat Torah tonight and tomorrow. Can't quite be the Best Holiday Ever because it's not really much of a food holiday, but I'm a big fan nonetheless.

I suppose it was also Columbus Day today, at least outside of the People's Republic of Berkeley and other select polities. And Shemini Atzeret, for those celebrating that one. So lots of holidays. This blog, by the way, does have a policy position on that one: holidays are good.

Anyway, I have a few items today: at Greg's place I blogged about Mitt Romney's foreign policy speech and then wrote about what I think is a pretty good crop of potential Democratic Senators. And then at PP I argued that there's a reason for the absence of any Democratic version of "unskewed polls," featuring actual research: I flipped around the radio dial when I was doing errands Friday evening and heard a local conservative talk show host.

Blogging might still be a bit sluggish tomorrow, but maybe not; at any rate it should be back to normal by Wednesday.


  1. It certainly doesn't get as much purchase in the mainstream, but I've encountered a lot of whackadoodle liberals in Madison who refuse to believe that Scott Walker didn't steal the recall election. So it's not entirely accurate that there's no poll-trutherism. In fact, the arguments about election fraud from the left are the mirror of the arguments about voter fraud from the right: it can happen, therefore it must be happening, therefore, no election whose outcome I don't like is legitimate.


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