Thursday, October 18, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Chuck Berry, 86.

Some good stuff:

1. A twofer: Irin Carmon interviews the woman who asked the question about pay equity at the debate; and Jamelle Bouie debates Buzz Bissinger.

2. To complement those: John Sides on undecided voters.

3. Another twofer: Ezra Klein reads the debate transcript, parts one and two.

4. TPC lets you play with tax reform ideas.

5. And Paul Waldman looked deeper at debate questions than I did, but had the same conclusion: no evidence of bias, and the perception of bias was probably produced by the bunching of tough questions for Romney at an early point in the debate.


  1. I have to think undecided voters are an artifact of polling.

    I'm sure they exist on more local races -- hell, I don't know the candidates for school board this year --- but on the Presidential side if you are undecided are you going to vote?

  2. This isn't about the election, but if people here are aware of the Reddit/Gawker feud over the outing of Violentacrez's identity, there's an excellent analysis by John Scalzi on free speech and anonymity on the Internet:

  3. Wow. The Bissinger/Bouie thing is just....depressing. "I'm voting Republican because they refuse to cooperate with Democrats, and I want cooperation!"

  4. i don't know. that salon piece suggests undecided voters are just people who don't even try to pay attention---the young woman's statements about reproductive rights has to mean she pays no attention and never has. the parties' position have been defined since before she was born and discussed often.

  5. I think any time you have questions focusing on the future that is going to bias against Romney.

    Although, if I think about it, isn't the future supposed to be the strength of a challenger, not their weakness?


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