Monday, March 4, 2013

Elswhere: Budget, Newt, Flaps

I'm not cranky any more, but I am disappointed I couldn't get a real argument going over Apes sequels earlier today in comments. So far.

But even though I was easily distracted by attempts to get that going, I did write some other stuff. Over at PP, I wrote about Plain Blog fave Tom P. Baxter (sorry; that's Newt for latecomers) and the conservative information loop. Oh - over the weekend my Salon column argued that dust-ups of the Chuck Hagel sort don't harm presidents, and so they -- and Obama in particular -- should be willing to take more risks. At least certain types of risks.

And at Greg's place today, I listed some of the questions I still have about the budget process over the next few months. That is, through the CR and the debt limit. I have to admit: I'm totally confused by the strategies of both sides, but especially the Democrats.


  1. Okay, I'll bite: why especially the Dems?

  2. You didn't get an Apes argument because of how nearly right you were. :-) I agree with the last commenter on that post that Escape is better than you credited it with being, but it still might go below Conquest for me. Beneath...I don't know, it's the one I return to watch the least, so maybe on some level I like it least, but it's hard to claim that Battle is a better movie. Battle's clearly so much more a slapped-together final stab that it's hard to credit it with much success (and yet it's weirdly watchable). Anyway, I don't think your ranking was too controversial. Now, where do you place Tim Burton's attempt to relaunch the franchise on that spectrum? _That_ might provoke argument!


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