Friday, May 17, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Peter Gerety, 73.

And the good stuff:

1. Sean Trende on House districts and the GOP advantage. No, not gerrymandering.

2. Good Ed Kilgore on "political correctness." As I've said: most of this is all about conflating politics and etiquette. Be polite, and most of the problem melts away.

3. An employer survey shows minimal planned changes in reaction to ACA kicking in -- very few intend to drop insurance or to fire or hire in order to game the system; the biggest planned change has to do with manipulating workers hours to keep them from qualifying, but even there it's not all that many employers. Jeffrey Young reports. The same caution applies here, however, that applied to less optimistic earlier reports: there could be big gaps between planning and doing (in either direction), and there could be huge gaps between changes attributed to ACA and changes actually caused by reform.

4. Nice update from Abby Rapoport about what's going on in the state legislatures on voting.

5. Brad DeLong on Kevin Williamson...well, actually Kevin Williamson on Kevin Williamson, via DeLong.

6. And I stepped out yesterday, and all of a sudden everyone was talking "Bulworth." I love Bulworth -- it's very, very, funny, and has other virtues as well. Anyway, Ezra Klein has the president Bulworthing. Okay, but if it doesn't rhyme, I'm not sure it counts.

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  1. From Kilgore: "It’s now gotten to the point, as the Roberts incident shows, that the only thing many of our little friends on the Right consider offensive is taking offense at offensive language."

    That's just absurd. Political correctness is used as a weapon by the right and the left. There are plenty of examples out there:


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