Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Alex Winter. Esq. 48, and always most excellent.

Good stuff:

1. Eric Schickler and Greg Wawro on the Senate showdown.

2. Brad Plumer asks: Does the Senate really need to confirm 1,200 executive branch jobs? I think his answer is probably no, and my answer is more-or-less yes, but it's a good and fair overview of the situation.

3. Nice one from Paul Krugman about markets, firms, and other such things.

4. And I'm a big fan of Taegan Goddard's Political Wire -- if you are, and you should be, be sure to check this out.


  1. JB - the Political Wire link goes to an error page. I think this is the correct link:

  2. has a lot on the use of the firm in capitalistic economies. Much of it is about transaction costs. Of course, this is a discussion by actual (moderate) libertarians, so it will lack the snark that progs seem to require (hologram!!!!! ba! ha! Krugman!!)

    1. So, why do you find it necessary to insult people that you do not know?

    2. Did you read Krugman's piece?

    3. I did. He's nicer than you are.

    4. More informative too. And likely a snappier dresser. Jonathon Chait is far more snarkier.

    5. The question of how much market-style activity is useful within a company is unknown. Example: Google famously allowed its employees to use company resources and lots of time on stuff they weren't tasked with in order to see if they could produce useful-enough things. Companies are forever seeing whether it makes sense to in-source or out-source: accounting, custodial, sales, etc..

      But Krugman (whose most famous private employer was Enron) snarks it up about Sears and holographic employers as he beats the old dead horse of gov healthcare. It's like he can excrete something, paint it sarcasm, make a call for nationalizing more stuff, and progs around the world will point and sigh.

  3. I can't believe that Saletan's piece hasn't been linked here. At Slate, he covers many of his embarrassing misconceptions (lib-derived) about the Zimmerman trial. Example: the defense did not use Stand Your Ground at trial, but most prog commentators I've listened still seem to believe otherwise.

    And follow Jeantel! Her statements on "nigga" "cracka" "creepy" and "whoop ass" are informative. Her description of how some physical assaults aren't a big deal clarify a lot.

  4. Limbaugh is undoubtedly armed at all times and surrounded by bodyguards. With august progs like Spike Lee willing to send lynch mobs to get the enemy, it only makes sense. So progs will never get to see Limbaugh beaten by a black man even as badly as Zimmerman (1/8th black) was. I wonder if Jeantel egged on Martin to beat Zimmerman for disrespecting him; it's a good bet considering she told M that Z might be a gay-rapist and sees a big difference between serious assault and a calculated ass-whooping to assert the hierarchy.

  5. Holy cow! Jeantel cannot keep her lies straight! After saying that "nigga" was not racist or even hostile, when Limbaugh used it exactly as she had said, she called it racist for no reason that any normal person could understand. I don't even need to link to right-wingers; this is from the Grio! Why did the prosecution think that she would help their case?


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