Monday, August 19, 2013

Hey, Political Scientists!

Next week it looks like I'm going to mostly be over at Greg's place, while he and most of the political world is on vacation. I'm already looking forward to scrounging for posts for Plum Line, but I'd also like to keep something going over here. So if you happen to have an APSA paper you've written that should get some publicity, or if you encounter someone else's paper that deserves a bit more visibility over the next couple of weeks, please let me know! Can't promise anything, but I'm very likely to be looking for items even more now than usual.

Of course, this also applies to new papers (books, chapters, whatever) that aren't for the meetings. And it doesn't have to be political science...I'm open to publicizing material from other disciplines, although I'm certainly less able to figure out if it's any good. I don't do a lot of posts like that, but I'm always open to it. So if you have something, let me know.

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  1. Trot out Buchler's claptrap argument (from his book) and see what kind of a response that gets.

    (I say this mostly in jest; the argument is proocative, and the comments section would turn into a flame fest. But, it's a fun, nice, counterintuitive argument)


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