Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to KRS-One, 48.

Good stuff:

1. Hey, academics: you'll want to read "How Not To Publicize Your Research" from Seth Masket.

2. Amy Fried:
Maine is the whitest state in the country (96.9% white) and Vermont is the second most white (96.7% white). Obama won both, convincingly. Twice. In 2012, Obama won 56.3% of the vote in Maine and 66.6% in Vermont. In 2008, Obama won 57.7% of the vote in Maine and 67.5% in Vermont.

And how did LePage do in Maine in 2010? Not anywhere near Obama’s total — just 38%.
3. And I'll lump the baseball ones together: Joe Sheehan on Dempster/Rodriguez, and Scott Lemieux on A Rod.


  1. You always get me to post when you throw up sanctimonious baseball writers writing shmaltz about what we'll tell our kids about baseball players acting in any way.

    HBP has been a form of retaliation long before I was born and Ryan Dempster felt the need to enact that in a baseball game. C'mon Joe, there have been wars started, college scholars left without the use of the appendages and faculties, but the sanctimony comes when a group of people are pissed about a level playing field in baseball and cheer for the most hatable man in sports to be hit with a baseball.

    He's obviously being hyperbolic, but the issue can have two non-sanctimonious sides. PEDs are a problem. The players who used them are labeled cheaters, not sure in any walk of life there's a lot of coming back from that. I don't agree with A-Rod's suspension or Bonds being locked out of the game, but I do think this holier than thou crap is enough already on both sides.

    I actually saw an Andrew Siciliiano tweet, NFL Net On Air personality, via Shawn Ryan , the showrunner of the Shield, "Red Sox fans who claim to be disgusted by PED users...hysterical, priceless." Rightly or wrongly about the implicit claim that Red Sox players used PEDs, to now suggest that the fans are some how responsible or implicit is exactly why the Red Sox fans cheered. Because some how it is now on the fans of teams full of players they don't know to take the PED use of a player on personally. It's a complicated issue, but one I think we need less sanctimony about. I will do my best to help out.

  2. Yeah, that Sheehan piece was terrible. Unless and until he writes a column about how he's never going to watch any other organized sport, it's pure sanctimony.

    A baseball at the back or legs?


    There is SO MUCH LESS violence in baseball than in basketball, football, soccer or hockey that it's laughable.

    Did Dempster cross a line? Yes. Did the fans cross a line? Probably. Is that line MILES away from the lines in other sports? Certainly.

    The part that has me confused, though, is why the Red Sox would go after ARod. Still haven't figured that out; I didn't see the game, and all the coverage after has been breathless about it being ARod. Had ARod done something in the game worthy of retribution? If not, then why is it on the Red Sox to do this? Are all baseball players offended by.....what aspect?

    I mean, I come down on the side of those who think steroids are bad and should be banned, and that the players that try to get around rules against them are cheating. But, ARod ALSO got a really big penalty, bigger than the rules seem to allow for. So, I'm just unclear on why he would need hitting.


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