Monday, August 12, 2013

Read Stuff...I Should

If it wasn't in the Racing Form, I probably missed it this weekend -- so here's an open thread for Monday, and also a chance to let me know what I should catch up on. Good stuff, especially, but if there's something that would make me cranky, I suppose that's okay too. Thanks! Back to normal tomorrow.


  1. NYT on Worker's Defense Project in Texas -- a genuinely inspiring tale of young people developing an organization that's won some big fights for low-wage construction workers in Texas, where workers comp insurance isn't mandatory.

  2. forgot link:

  3. Krugman had a good piece on the state of macro theory in light of the last few years:

    Yglesias pushed back that he was being to negative:

    Also Weigel has some good reporting on what's going on in Iowa, particularly how social conservatives seem to be gravitating to Ted Cruz:


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