Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday Question for Conservatives

I guess I'll have to do Syria this week, even though I've asked about it recently...

How about this one: what Republican politicians, if any, do you tend to trust on Syria?

Outside of politicians: which writers, analysts, or experts do you tend to trust on Syria?


  1. No one.

    The CW, apparently, on Syria is something like the following:

    Via exceedingly brief air strikes, imposing little collateral damage, and absolutely positively with no boots on the ground, we shall make Assad regret his use of (the other) CW.

    I am terribly uninterested in the chattering class' description of the lovely new clothes the emperor is wearing.

  2. Trust is a strange word in this context. You shouldn't uncritically "trust" any politician or pundit.


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