Friday, November 15, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Jonny Lee Miller, 41.

Some good stuff:

1. I didn't know the Brits had set up a US-like National Security Council, and that other nations were getting in on it. Gideon Rachman explains. I assume, of course, that the big problem in the UK is coordinating the efforts of the Ministry of Administrative Affairs with what's going on over at Silly Walks.

2. Larry Pressler is (sort of) back! Eric Ostermeier is all over the election, and the distinction he would hold if he (improbably) wins back a Senate seat. Pressler, last seen when defeated in 1996, would be, yes, a Bateson class Senate candidate. I really want that to catch on; perhaps the low odds of it happening have something to do with how I have to look it up every time I mention it to remember the Kelsey Grammer character name. But still: Bateson class candidates. Use it.

3. More evidence that voter impersonation -- you know, the "reason" for voter ID -- just doesn't exist. Henry Farrell discusses new research.

4. Faced with John Kerry's inability to convince his former colleagues to back the administration's negotiations with Iran, Dan Drezner gives it a try. Minus the show of respect that the Secretary of State presumably used.


  1. China just announced it was setting up a National Security Council, as well as giving the president more control over the economy:

  2. Jonny Lee Miller is absolutely great as Sherlock Holmes. Even better than Cumberbatch (who is also great) IMO.

  3. Do tests such as Farrell discusses actually suss out the criminals the test seeks, or merely the small percentage who are too stupid to lie about their fraud?

  4. In that very survey, 2.5% of Americans admit to having committed election fraud, and yet you (and Farrell) somehow take this to mean that voter impersonation "doesn't exist." Typical leftist dissemblers; even when you stumble across the truth, you quickly pick yourselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.


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