Thursday, December 5, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Jessica Pare, 31.

And very quickly, some good stuff:

1. Barack Obama's speech on the economy -- which Ezra Klein calls his best on that subject.

2. Jamelle Bouie on the president's speech.

3. John Sides has a preliminary forecast for 2014 House elections.

4. Adrianna McIntyre on Medicaid.

5. And Brendan Nyhan on polarization.


  1. Your Nyhan link is actually to the Sides article.

    1. Thanks, fixed. I need to get one of those big "Days Since Last Wrong Link Accident" signs to put over my desk.

    2. And now I've fixed the fix, which was also wrong. Yeesh!

  2. Jessica Pare is younger than me apparently? That creeps me out, because Jon Hamm is way older.

    1. Jon Hamm is 42. So you must be...36 and a half?

  3. Obama's "if you work hard, you have a chance to get ahead" is pretty much just hot air, he cannot make that happen. If he said, "If you are smart and work hard, you have an excellent chance to get ahead", that would be completely true in today's high tech economy, but his statement as it stands cannot be made to work whatever public policy is adopted. The fact is that low IQ people, of which we have imported a large number from Mexico in recent decades, have slim chances of getting ahead in the 21st century, as demand for unskilled and semi-skilled labor remains weak compared to the supply, and no huffing and puffing from the left will change that for decades to come.

  4. From Bouie:

    There was, however, something different about this speech relative to all his others. Namely, he zeroed in on one of the key problems liberals have always faced in their efforts to expand the social safety net.

    White people.

    There would be no "social safety net" without white people. Look to every country, state, and city that is principally black. It's third world; too poor to net much of anything. The poorest blacks in the US are better off than almost any outside of it. There are few asians in the US, and they don't suffer from white guilt the way that prog whites do, so Bouie should thank whites for their generosity instead of race-baiting all of the time.

    But progs like to read YT bashing.


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