Sunday, September 27, 2009

Good NYT Reporting

I agree with Steve Benen that this Sheryl Gay Stolberg story tells us some useful things that we didn't know about White House efforts on health care. It's a good piece. For one thing, it tells me that Collins is probably a likely yes when all is said and done, assuming of course that Snowe is a yes -- although I suspect that's only true if she's not the deciding vote.

It still leaves me with several questions, however, even given that poker players aren't going to reveal much while the hand is still being played...

Is the White House whipping to preserve the various deals with interest groups from amendments in Senate Finance?

What about Lugar and Voinovich? Are they likely to join as the 63rd and/or 64th votes?

What exactly does Collins (and Lugar, and Voinovich) want?

If the votes ultimately aren't there for public option, what do liberals want in exchange for voting for the bill after all (which they will no doubt do)? Affordability? Something outside of health care?

Is any pre-negotiation going on now either at the Senate level (outside of Finance, that is) or between the House and Senate? Or are they just waiting until the formal process moves to that point?

And with that, out of here until Tuesday, or at least until after sundown Monday. Greetings and good wishes to all those observing the holiday tonight and tomorrow.

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