Friday, September 18, 2009

Nut Cracking

I can't say I care much about ACORN either way, but I will make one rather obvious prediction: there will be copycat video ambush squads trying to take down other liberal organizations (Planned Parenthood seems like the obvious target), and opposite-side groups trying to take down conservative organizations. Hmm...I seem to recall that there have been similar "sting" operations against PP in the past, but not ones that I remember propogated by viral videos...there are going to be a lot more of them now. A lot more.

And we'll get successful stunts, with people losing their jobs and organizations taking hits. Some of those will be undeserved -- it's pretty easy to edit video to tell a story that you want, and there's plenty of partisan media on both sides to accept stories that advance their cause. Some of it will be deserved. We're going to get some poor sap at a conservative organization agreeing to all kinds of wacko racist stuff (quotes from Mein Kampf, anyone?), and some poor sap at a PP office agreeing to wacko eugenics stuff. Some of it may turn out to be entirely fraudulent. But it's certainly coming.

Politicians have been preparing for video ambushes since "macaca." Now it's time for receptionists, caseworkers, and others to get ready. Oh, and reporters might want to put in some thought about how they're going to deal with these things as they bubble up through the system.

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