Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Baseball Post

Getting ready for pitchers and catchers to's my All Time I Saw Them Hit A HR Live & In Person Team:

1B McCovey (also McGwire, Thomas, Murray...lots here.  Make McGwire the DH)
2B Kent
SS Ripken
3B  Brett
C   Piazza
LF Bonds
CF Mays
RF Sosa
PH: Can't choose between Mota and Staub.  Both against the Giants, both painful.

I saw Mike Schmidt several times, but have no recollection or old scorebook showing a HR.  I think I saw Aaron once when I was real small, and I'm fairly certain I saw him in spring training with the Brewers, but no idea if he hit one out or not.  I'm not sure whether I ever saw Joe Morgan play...I feel like I should have, but I can't think of when it would have been.

I saw both Brad Ausmus and Darryl Motley hit two HRs in a game.  I saw Johnny LeMaster hit a HR.  The only pitcher HR I noticed leafing through old scorebooks was Russ Ortiz.  I'll leave it as a question for the readers which of the events in this paragraph is least likely.

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  1. Of course the rarest there, as a Giants fan, is the "Boo" LeMaster HR.


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