Monday, April 19, 2010

Dogs, Not Barking

Items that have not been in the news or that haven't happened -- which is itself newsworthy.

1. Lou Dobbs (yeah, I decided that one minor story doesn't kill this off).

2. Czars.

3.  Tom DeLay and Barry Bonds.  I'm not sure if this fits here, exactly, but it's close enough.  Tom DeLay was indicted in October 2005, and as far as I can tell he's still under indictment.  Barry Bonds was indicated in November, 2007, after a four-year investigation.  As far as I can tell, he too is still under indictment.  DeLay was hounded out of politics in large part because of the indictment; Bonds was hounded out of baseball in large part because of the indictment...even before that, Bonds was damaged within baseball because of a very public, very prolonged grand jury investigation.  Yet neither of these has come to trial.  Both of them may well be innocent of the charges against them (or, more likely, the government may not be able to prove its case against them).  I know that at least in the DeLay case, part of the reason it's moved slowly is because of DeLay's legal tactics...but c'mon.  This is ridiculous.  Try 'em, or drop the case.  Given how low the threshold is to get an indictment, this sure seems abusive to me. 

4.  As always, the Fairness Doctrine!  It seems to be making a bit of a comeback among Tea Party types (that is, the purported threat of  reviving it is making a comeback), but still, the nefarious and tricky Democrats continue to use the stealth tactic of doing absolutely nothing in order to assure its passage. 


  1. Re number 3: do I sense a certain analogy between your discussions of "filibuster" and "indictment"? Both are at times rather virtual undertakings; both can have a paralyzing effect on their targets without coming to full resolution. Perhaps both our prosecutors and legislators have overly flexible tools at their disposal when they lack the wherewithal for decisive action (defeating a bill or convicting a suspect).

  2. Hmmm....gotta think about that one. Maybe!

    But as long as I'm responding, I sometimes take a long while to get to my tab dump posts, so I'll take this opportunity to urge everyone to click over to this:

    I have some minor quibbles around the edges, but then again I could be wrong and he could be right; either way, it's highly recommended.

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