Friday, April 30, 2010


Did you know you can follow me on twitter now?  Few do.  I mean, few follow me, not few know that they's actually sort of pathetic, really.  So, in order to avoid ending another week with such a sorry number, I'm making this once-in-a-year special EXCLUSIVE offer: follow me, and you'll receive my EXCLUSIVE Kentucky Derby tweet, with my EXCLUSIVE thoughts on what'll happen tomorrow at Churchill.  I do want to emphasize just how big a deal this is; those who were already signed up already may have seen my EXCLUSIVE touting of 37-1 shot Champaign D'Oro in the Kentucky Oaks today.  Granted, she was shuffled back at the start, never got into the race, and finished up the track, but, you know, had you been following #jbplainblog, you could have had the jump on all your friends and neighbors in that whole laughing at me thing.  But don't laugh too hard, or I'll start telling the story of how I hit the Thunder Gulch/Tejano Run exacta ($480) in 1995.  And I'm sure you don't want that.  So, my advice is to head over now and take care of business.  (Oh, and don't worry -- after tomorrow, back to the normal politics content).

And thanks to all for visiting Plain Blog, and I promise I'll avoid any more of these embarrassing posts for a good long while now. 

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