Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dogs, Not Barking: Special Crazy Edition

A recurring item about things which are not in the news -- which is itself newsworthy.  This time, special edition: The Crazy.  Since I'm identifying three things that crazies might be have been doing that apparently aren't happening, one might conclude that the Crazy is losing steam.  Or perhaps reporters just need to dig more?  Hmmmm....

1.  Elena Kagan.  Remember her?  Supreme Court nominee?  Likes softball?  We've had a huge paper dump, but so far, I'm not hearing much from the crazy right (or even, for that matter, from the sane right).  Where are the massively out-of-context quotations?  The illogically constructed extreme positions attributed to her?  Where are the accusations of sexism or racism?  I checked conservative expert reporter Dave Weigel's blog, and he's just written one post on her in the last month, and that one was pretty tame -- that Republicans are apt to press her for her position on guns.  Nothing seemed to come up in a quick general search, either.  Most promising: she apparently was involved in some of the work surrounding Ruby Ridge.  I can't quite believe any Senator will run with that, but I can imagine talk show hosts demanding that GOP Senators bring it up, no?

2.  OK, we know all about Rand Paul.  We're learning all about Sharron Angle.  But aren't there dozens of Rand Pauls and Sharron Angles being nominated for the U.S. House of Representatives?  So far, I haven't heard about it.  I suspect this one, however, is lack of reporting, not lack of an actual story -- but I don't know! 

3.  (Or maybe 2b): Impeachment.  Still no resolution offered.  But...are there House candidates who support impeaching the president?  I haven't heard it yet (outside of one fringy Democrat in Texas -- don't forget, the crazy isn't restricted to Republicans or conservatives). Given that a fairly good-sized chunk of the GOP primary electorate supports impeachment, I would have thought that some candidate would run on it, but apparently not.  As far as I know!

4.  As always, haven't heard anything about the implementation of the super-secret plot of Obama and the Democrats to reimpose the Fairness Doctrine.  But it's good to see that the Heritage Foundation plans as of this week to "always remain vigilant" about it.


  1. One thing I haven't heard much about (although I tend to avoid the places where these things are discussed) is the repeal of the health care reform act. Are there GOP senate hopefuls making repeal a big plank of their campaign? Or has this dog already stopped barking?

  2. I do think that candidates are running on repeal; there was a bit of a dust-up within the last couple of weeks about whether pure repeal or repeal-plus-replace was the best GOP position.

    Also, it didn't fit with the theme here: while repeal is politically unrealistic, it's not an inherently crazy position at all.


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