Thursday, June 3, 2010


Thank yous are in order...

First, to Ezra Klein.  Not just for myself -- but of course, I thank him for the opportunity -- but if it's not too presumptuous I want to thank him for his general support of political scientists.  Obviously, I have a strong bias here, but I think that collectively we have a lot to add to the conversations about politics and policy, and too often relations between reporters and academics are awful.  Ezra really has done an enormous amount to change that.  Which leads me to a second thank you, to Greg Marx, for his kind words as he documented what Ezra and others have done.  And of course it's two-way, so I need to add a thank you to the folks at The Monkey Cage for their support of political science blogging, myself included.  And while I'm at it, I can't thank Andrew Sullivan too much for his kind support for Plain Blog.  And thanks to everyone else who has linked to my stuff, and answered my questions about blogging. 

Meanwhile, those who followed my guest-posting this week over at Ezra's may have noted a bit of a Senate rules thing going one (and if you missed it, cruise over there to learn about my reform proposal, featuring Superbill!  But if you really want a filibuster expert, you want Greg Koger.  His book is out, and he's participating in a chat this Sunday over at FDL Book Salon...which I mention not just because filibuster obsessives should read the book and enjoy the chat, but also because I'm hosting the chat (I get to ask the first question).  Not sure whether I can selfishly ask him about Superbill!, though.  At any rate, I'm reading the book right now, and so posting might be a bit spotty through Sunday...not sure, but probably below normal levels.  By Monday, however, things should be back to normal around here.   

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