Saturday, June 12, 2010

For Tuesday I Walk to the Village

Time to go vote!  Regular readers may remember that I voted for our community college governing board last month...two candidates ran campaigns, but there was a third fringe candidate who drew enough votes that, yup, no one reached 50% and a runoff is scheduled today.  Again, it's non-partisan, and while I have received a couple of robocalls and pieces of mail, and I suppose I've seen a couple of lawn signs and bumper stickers, it's an extremely low information election. 

Recap: I voted 52 times in early March, twice in mid-April, once more in early May, and now once in June.  Off to vote'll be my 56th mark on a ballot this year, fourth time to the polls.  As far as I know, nothing after this until November, but then again I didn't know about this two-election sequence much in advance, so I don't really know.

Yes, this is an insane way to run a democracy.

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  1. This actually makes no sense to me. Does anyone other than the immediate family and close circle of friends know anything about these people?

    And aren't their positions that ought to be competency based? Like Treasurer of the Township, frex. Should Comm Coll Brd have competency requirements commensurate with the duties?



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