Monday, June 14, 2010

Read Stuff, You Should

There's an op-ed in today's NYT that's worth skipping...something about how politics should be (further) removed from the presidency.  Forget it: try to keep politics out of the presidency, and all that's going to happen is that the president will find more and more convoluted ways to do politics. 

And with that, on to the good stuff.

1. Budget.  Keith Hennessey has a nice primer on budget resolutions, and I generally agree with his comments on the Democrats' decision to avoid one this year.  Also, Stan Collender laughs at the Tea Party's adoption of an old Jimmy Carter fiasco, and CBPP's Kathy Ruffing reminds us where the current deficit came from.  Also, Ezra Klein on David Brooks.

2.  Speaking of which: Ezra Klein is an honest guy

3.  As usual, I don't necessarily agree with blogger and brother David S. Bernstein's 2012 rankings, but it's always a good conversation starter.

4.  I liked Amanda Marcotte's history of anti-feminism.

5.  More from Adam Serwer, please.

6.  Greg Marx is doing great work on journalism and political science.

7.  Good education blogging from Kevin Drum.  Just remember when you read it: there are lots and lots of people (and I'll admit to being one of them) that really want this, and things like it, to be true.  Doesn't mean it isn't...I'm just sayin'.


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