Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back to the Future

I think the aspect of Richard Cohen of the WaPo that makes him such a terrific candidate for Worst. Columnist. Ever. is that he combines being trite, frequently offensive, factually inaccurate, and overly self-obsessed with, at the same time, being far behind the curve.  (Granted, I don't read him regularly and haven't since Hector was a pup, but the only references I ever see to him certainly give me no reason to change that view). 

So when I saw this epic takedown by Steve Kornacki over at Solon, what struck me is that the arguments seemed awfully familiar...wait a second: I know!  Cohen has managed to come up with a thesis that was all the rage, and then thoroughly debunked, months ago.  By me.  And John Sides, on the broader point.  And Brendan Nyhan, on the even broader point.  That was all back in January. 

But it's good that Cohen has caught up.  At this rate, he'll be agitated about the New Black Panther Party by November (more in sorrow than anger, I'm sure). 

Very nice job by Kornacki; he's dug up a lot of excellent Reagan stuff, which is always (at least in my vew) fun to read.  And it had to be done.  As for Cohen: Why, WaPo?  Why?

(I suppose I should mention that Salon republishes some of my posts, and Kornacki is my contact over there).

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