Monday, July 26, 2010

Read Stuff, You Should

I haven't read anything over the weekend that annoyed me, but there's so much good stuff that I can't wait any longer.  So, here goes:

1. Defense and National Security: Mark Ambinder looks at the Wikileaks data; Fred Kaplan on the Post's Top Secret America; Matthew Dickinson on the Post series and the presidency; Andrew Sprung on Obama, Gates, and the defense budget.

2. Bigotry stories.  DiA's M.S. on the Ground Zero Mosque silliness, Jamelle Bouie adds historical perspective; Cynic on Sherrod; and Cynic on, well, the future.  (TNC? Not only the Best Blogger ever, but as far as I know the best comments section, and apparently the best guest-bloggers.  As Bill McNeal would say....Damn.).  Gotta quote the first line...Cynic: "Why did anyone ever believe that Shirley Sherrod might have stood before a couple hundred people and given a speech in which she publicly proclaimed herself a racist?"

3. Barry Pump on magic presidency dust (and Tom Friedman).

4,  Other policy areas...Jonathan Cohn with a Massachusetts health care update; Elizabeth McNichol on the states and their budgets; and Ezra Klein suggests everyone take a deep breath when it comes to Elizabeth Warren.

5. Michael Cohen on substance vs. symbolism.

6. Noah Millman takes down David Frum's Cold War Case for Israel.

7. Sprung again, on one of my favorite topics: the Big Dog  (I have the Taylor Branch book within reach of where I'm sitting...really want to get to it.  Haven't.).

8. And Alex Massie takes up my question about West Virginia

That should keep everyone busy.  Get to it!  And enjoy.

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  1. I know that writers don't always get to pick their headlines, but "The case against Elizabeth Warren" isn't a title I'd choose for a piece that concludes, "I come down on Warren's side." Or rather, after reading the article, I was surprised to see that sentence. His first four paragraphs offer arguments against Warren ... his fifth paragraph is transitional, admitting Warren has appeal but reminding us that the other candidates do as well ... paragraphs six and seven make the case for those other candidates ... #8 says Warren has star power but notes that isn't needed here ... and at the end, he finally comes down on her side, but still finishes that sentence and the column by claiming her proponents are hung up on symbolism. Maybe the title of the column reflects the article, after all.


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